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Space Planning

Efficient space planning is important especially for small areas. We challenge ourselves to think out of the box to maximise every space to meet all your needs.

Interior Design & DÉCOR

We are here to help you create your perfect space. Our dedicated team of designers will customize a design concept that’s both stylish and functional, to suit your needs and style.

Commercial & Residential

Be it commercial or residential, big or small projects, we take them seriously and you can trust our experienced team to deliver quality results on time.


  • Discovery
  • Idea & Concept
  • Feedback & Approval
  • Delivery

Everything starts with discovery to learn more about you. We will schedule a consultation session to meet, chat, listen and understand your needs, desires, lifestyle and budget. At this stage, we will ask questions (many questions if necessary) to gather as much information as possible to ensure we have a clear understanding of your dream home.

With a clear vision of your home, we will start to generate ideas and brainstorm solutions such as preliminary space planning, design concepts, intentions and directions. From here, we will put together a draft proposal with sketches and/or previous works to communicate, clarify design intention and a cost estimate. We will move along to the next stage when you are happy with what you see.

As with all things created, there are bound to be tweaks and changes. Your feedback is important to refine concepts, ideas and bring your design to life. We will provide professional guidance to work through the ideas, (sometimes combining concepts) to approve a final design with drawings, renderings and project timeline.

We will do our best to ensure that all goes according to plan – from reviewing technical drawings to progressive site visits to ensure design intent is actualized. We project manage with dedication, passion and integrity with the end goal of turning your house into a home for another happy client.